Lula Dot

London Design Studio

Desk Executive

An expression of power


(Exhibition Only)

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This is a desk, which tells a story of status and power, it is an expression of the constant charade, which is played out in the office

From the moment you walk in the room the desk appears intimidating, the pattern creates an illusion that the person sitting at the desk, sits at the top of a tower, looking down.

The desk is also empty. All personality is hidden away. The empty desk can make a visitor feel uncomfortable as they have no reference point, and it has an unnatural feeling. The person on the boss’s side can be whomever they want; their soft side can be masked.

The hidden vertical drawers change the landscape of the desk, making an imposing façade. The drawers are facing away from the visitor creating a feeling that the boss has access to lots of information you are not allowed to know about. This privilege of knowledge is exaggerated with the height of the drawers. They lean at angles and block the visitors view making a menacing landscape on top of the desk.