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Gold Mine Ring 3D print

Terraforming gold prices

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Gold is representative of an everyman utopia; something within reach but unobtainable. It is inherently connected to: status, power, and a quality of life that most people aspire to.

Gold forms the baseline of capitalism – every bank’s stability is measured by its bullion stock and in times of financial or social instability the price of gold increases proportionately.

The ring forms a geological record of gold prices and the erosion of natural resources. The size of the hole in each layer increases or decreases in-line with the fluctuating market value of gold, and is also a physical manifestation of the gold mine terraforming that occurs as a result. The cost of each layer is fixed but the value of gold at the time dictates the size of the layer.

This ring is a record of the months March to July 2012 reflecting the fluctuating cost of gold and its direct affect on the shapes carved out in the gold mine.

This ring is 3D printed in stainless steel and plated in gold. May take up to 3 weeks to arrive.
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Sizes (UK and inside diameter):
L - 16.31mm
M - 16.71mm
N - 17.2mm
O - 17.53mm
P - 17.93mm
Q - 18.34mm