Lula Dot

London Design Studio

Sun Sill

The human body has evolved over millions of years to be in tune with the light that comes from the sun. Too little sunlight can be as much of a problem as too much. Sunlight improves our mood and health by triggering the production of essential hormones that are critical for our body’s equilibrium. 


Over the last 200 years, due to urbanisation and our change in lifestyle we now spend a higher percentage of time indoors – often subjected to a greater amount of artificial light than natural light. What if you could move your window throughout the day and harness more natural sunlight, becoming happier and healthier as a result? 
 Sun Sill is a device mounted under a window to automatically track and redirect sunlight indoors, which can then be reflected to wherever it is needed. This stolen sunlight maximises the health benefits of natural light and reveals the changing beauty of the sun’s light quality throughout the day whilst also reducing the reliance on electric lights that unbalance our natural bodily rhythms. 
Music by Temujin Doran